Ocean waves

I’ve always written poems about the ocean,
So I never thought my mouth would sea dryness…
Until you first waved at me.
Your reflection caught my eyes
Like oceans catching sun at midday
And like the waters, you kept me afloat
I loved it.
Your voice sounded crashing waves
After blasting winds,
Your skin: the ocean at midday
I loved it.
I ran to you, wanting to drown in your arms,
But I should have brought my floaties.
When waves retire to the ocean
They Often take from your grounded
And, you kinda sink.
When you left, my ground became quicksand.

Charles “Sircharlesthepoet” Joseph was born in Haiti. In 2008, Charles moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he started his creative writing career. After 2 years of writing songs, Charles changed his focus to writing poetry. Charles is the author of “How I Escaped Engineering School”—a record of poems about switching his college major from mechanical engineering—and “Black and White”—a collection of poems about racial oppression in America. Charles doesn’t write about a specific topic—he writes about everything. So, on his online poetry platforms (@sircharlesthepoet), there is a great variation of poetry.


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3 thoughts on “Ocean waves

  1. Love this!!! So creative and impactful.

  2. Beautiful ♥️

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