The Girl Next Door

The baby breeze blew briskly
Like the swiftness of a light limb,
Caressing my lonesome heart,
As it bore her voice nigh: quest of hearts.
I looked through the silk curtain
Obstruenting my view of the silken.
She was in her night gown: cruel bikini.
The swell of her breast, a calling fountain.
I wanted to dash into the waves,
Get locked up in its coziness.
But, she pulled the curtain over again:
The girl next door just never cares.
Return I then to my cushion again disappointed,
With a tortured hope: perhaps, she feels same bout me.
Ancestor. Ancestral Pen. Ancestral piece. The girl next Door
Hi, I’m Joshua, a folk who breathe through the lungs of poetry. I write short stories as well. I’m in my final year in a college of education.

    I lately own a WordPress site which encompasses to what extent my intellectuals can expand at the levels of literature. Below is the link to my site: https//


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3 thoughts on “The Girl Next Door

  1. Well done Joshua. You wrote a compelling piece. The beginning made me want to reach the end

    1. Wow… Thanks.

  2. Most welcome

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