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Winter Storm

I was a fool
damned by your insolence.
Realization I gathered
was tardy, I suspect.

Man of character,
they said; yet, the vice versa
witnessed each juncture
in a hell on earth.

A war began
in betwixt dyad parties.
A man, a woman
so in wanton loathing.

Growls, loud thuds
planted on the very visage I hold;
battles of locution
to discern the right or wrong.

Passing second,
mewls, the sighs
were agonies to be held.

A decade of a winter storm,
by a new found sun, the end,
I breathed fresh air.


About the author: Hello! I am Tharushi. Born and raised in Sri Lanka. I mostly write about poetry, fiction, and social topics. I just started blogging and feel free to show some love!



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