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Take Me Back

They all said my mind will change.
“The adult life isn’t what you think.”
They’d tell me to cherish the good years I have.
The years where my worries are minimal.
Gum in my hair.
AR points at school.
Broken toys and games.

What they said was right.
“I wish I could be a kid again”
I’d tell myself to cherish the good years I have.
My worries will be much worse soon.
Decisions that’ll change my life.
A job and transportation.
Anxiety that won’t go away.

I was oblivious.
But now?
I’m just hopeless.

About me: My name is Noah and I’m just a boy who likes to write! I just graduated from high school, and I’m going to take this year to get a job and focus on my blog and writing!! I’m a nerd who likes to write about really anything. My interests range from movies to mental health to the LGBTQ+ Community! Also some poetry is thrown in there of course! 🙂

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