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My back is killing me

Hello guys!

I just posted a picture of my outfit because I think this top is adorable and I got it really cheap. I am the type of person that will brag about buying something at a low price if you compliment my outfit. Today I am going completely off topic because I need some suggestions from you guys.

Ever since I was born my back has been killing me because I sleep as if I am wrestling with someone. I admire and am jealous of people who fall asleep and don’t wake up with 15 random bruises because they were obviously battling evil in their sleep like me. Also, an important thing for this story is that me and my mom are redoing the apartment and we still haven’t bought a bed for my room so when my mom goes to work (she works night shifts) I sleep in her bed. My loving mother decided to put silk sheets on the bed. SILK SHEETS! You can bet your ass that a restless sleeper like me had a problem with that because in the middle of the night I was sliding off of the fucking bed and those fucking sheets. I woke up around 4 in the morning, my head was on the night stand, the pillow was next to it and my phone, which was on the nightstand, ended up on the floor and my right leg was hanging off the bed. Considering that wonderful night I had and the fact that I have a job where I sit for 8 hours straight you can conclude that my back problem is getting worse.

So here is where you jump into the picture. HELP ME! I will take into consideration any type of suggestions about my back pain and restless sleeping. The only thing I tried, which really works, is meditation but I still do aerobics in my sleep. Do you have any type of exercises or stretching routines to relieve back pain, any advices on how to sleep like a normal person. I will try anything.

Thank you so much for reading this post which is completely unrelated to my blog topics but I am really desperate and in a lot of pain. Thank you for helping.

Sending love and positive vibes,


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try soaking in a tub of epsom salts and baking soda. Well, the epsom salt bath you can do as often as you want. Epsom salt will help reduce the pain. Adding baking soda once a week will help to detoxify your body. Heating pads also help…I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday and havehadt it on my back almost nonstop since – even slept with it last night.
As for the sleep problems…try cuddling with a pillow or a teddy bear. I used to have the same problem. I eventually outgrew it. Having my son helped – as he slept with me for the first few years of his life. My mom once pushed me out of bed when we spent the night at a hotel in PA. I asked her why she pushed me out of bed…”Because you were trying to push me out.” Yeah! So, if you can find something to cuddle with, it might help.

I’ve got pain at the back too, and normally to cope with work or being at home, I set myself a timer on my smart band which vibrates to get me walking every hour – go to the toilet, grab a snack etc.

OMG sorry you are going through all this my friend 😐

Well, I have this ointment/ gel that provides instant relief whenever i get lower back pain, i dnt have it near me but whenever i find it i ll take a picture and send it via IG!

Other than that, i used to do “wrestling” as you called it but ever since i started to hug this pillow i have i just found it got alot lesser bcs i felt warmth frm this pillow so i couldn’t give it up so i guess that helped! Hope it helps you too 🙈

Oh boy, I suggest some type of contrivance to strap and secure you into bed! (That silk scene brought this on, lol, sorry.)
I really hope you find some helpful methods that will bring you restful sleep. :/

OMG! I remember having silk sheets (Once), that lasted all of 3-4 days before I took them off and they remained in a closet until I finally tossed them out.
I have severe back pain… I usually fall asleep with a stuffed kitty pillow behind my back in order for me not to roll ad cause more pain. Does this actually work all the time, NO!
Hopefully, soon… you’ll get your own bed, with your own selection of sheets. Feel better real soon!!!

Just read this, Luna. Sounds like you have a touch of Rheumatism there….don’t want to guess what kind it is – but mention it to your resident quack the next time you visit them….exercise normally sorts it out….or anti-inflammatories….

I’ve had two back surgeries and best exercise my physical therapist showed me is the pelvic roll. Walking throughout the day also helps reduce the pain from sitting too long at the computer.

I’ve worked at a desk since 2000. I went to a chiropractor for the first time about six weeks ago. So I understand your pain.
Perhaps a desk that will allow you to stand for part of the day may help. I could not find any suppliers in Croatia. But even if you can use and elevated laptop, that might help.
Make sure your monitor is at eye level and that you do not hold your neck at a position that will affect the other muscles in your back.
Your calves should be 90 degrees from your thighs (knees level right in front)
Support your lumbar (lower back) if your chair does not do so already. There should be some available.

I (now) perform simple stretching exercises along with just getting up to briefly walk once or twice an hour (just in the office).
1st – Knee Stretch 11:45 – My chiropractor has me bend one leg and rest it on the opposite leg’s knee for this one.
2nd Hip-ups 5:36

It looks like all of the stretches could help, but for general purposes, I do these two exercises to target the lower back. Never push yourself into pain. Start slow and do a 5-10 minute routine for a week then grow into it. Make sure you breathe during stretching.

Good luck!

My son has always been a restless sleeper and suffered from chronic back pain when he was in high school until his mid-20s. He happened to figure out that the supplement he was taking – Acetyl carnitine – was contributing to the flare-ups in his back. It was producing excess choline in his system, producing pain from the neck down his back. Since stopping the supplement, he’s been relatively pain-free unless he injures himself during movement. I don’t know if this is your situation or maybe your body is overproducing one or both, but maybe worth looking into? Good luck, Luna! I hope you can figure it out and get some relief.

I noticed one person mentioned using something to keep you in bed. Have you ever thought of trying something that would restrain your movements without hurting you? Years ago, when I was in college, I was in a fabric store with my mom and noticed that they had T-shirt fabric which was a tube of material about as big around as typical T-shirt. For some reason, this made me think of that fabric. I wonder how it would work if you got 2 yards of that kind of fabric and slept inside of it. It’s kind of a weird idea, I know.

There is a book or books called Heal Your Own Back/Treat Your Own Back. Similar books have helped my neck pain. I think these books are primarily intended for those with spinal issue like herniated discs. Good luck.

Have someone handcuff you to the bedframe. Get some nice fuzzy ones so you don’t hurt your wrists.

Don’t laugh. It’ll help!

Yoga won’t only relieve your back issues by strengthening and making it more flexible, it will also improve your overall posture. I used to be the same and now my back is great. You should give it a go

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