So I shouted……..screamed
Asking questions
if I couldn’t heal
if I couldn’t mend
if I couldn’t comfort
if I couldn’t patch it all up
for all the hurt,
cold dark place
that I caused
the only reply I got was:
can you be friends with your kidnapper?
Guess I’m stuck in my agony.
hello, I’m Natasha, I’m a 19-year-old who loves the pen and paper as they always bring comfort and understand me the most. This is one of the pieces that came to mind, that the pen and paper were able to record.
link to blog:www.wordsbytashy,wordpress.com
Instagram :natashya_mack

1 thought on “IF

  1. If he/her love you
    And want to get you by that way cool
    But that’s dangerous journey
    Be careful with the journey

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