Lessons Learned?

I forgot that I knew
I now know that I forgot
Cause once more I remembered
What I knew but had forgotten

It took an old familiar pain
To point out the obvious truth
The reason why I left you
You only cause me harm

Now or in the near future
You may tempt me again
Lure me into your deadly trap
Full of your poisonous lies

I may even fall for you again
I know my flesh is weak
And so is the craving mind
Which blindly follows

But it no longer matters
So easily the winds blew away
Your so called stronghold
Tumbling house of cards

I can now see that in the end
I’ll know and I’ll remember

My name is Pieter and I’m a blogger mostly of photography but i love to write too. Interested in life, meaning and inspiration. You can visit my blog at http://pnco.wordpress.com


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