Blank verse II


How is life treating you?
Fair or Rudely as ruthless as she is.
The willful hope of your adamant beauty
Glows still? Or it’s impeccable venom had harmed
Sundry eyes whose tongue long to taste?
How are relatives and brethrens,
Family, Friends and lovely foes?
How often does joy smile at you,
And how arrogant does boredom frown at you.

Whenever the pair switch their pace
Again, then hold the latter and free th former.
Wherever it may be, by that you’ll be free,
And will see life in a new cloak girded in beauty.

I hope you’re save with education?
Hope with her you’re liberated?
Or is her sibling choking you?
Tell me please, Ignorance shall sterilise her.

Remember me to your heart.
Chasten its ear, that their is still an insisting
Soul that want to dwell in her.
Make it clear to her that, the insistor would remain a tenant
If she would not prepare for him, a room.

My message would not
Give you as token to stress I pray.

Yours Shattered,


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