On one fine day, a little baby girl was born
Ever since then she drew circles around herself.
Everyone who came under that circle became influenced by her
Whether by her beauty, her joy, her wisdom, hope, kindness, patience, respect, sacrifices. Or in other words, her light
When she was a baby, her circle was vast and magnificent, engulfing everyone that passed by
When she became a toddler, instead of making circles in her mind, she started making real circles around her
Whether by crayons, pencils, sand, gravy, even her mother’s lip stick
Her parents would get quite annoyed by this but they understood what it meant
Everyone in the neighborhood knew about this sweet angelic girl
How could they not? The circle surrounded the neighborhood!
As she grew up, more people entered her circle and attained the light she so selflessly shared
But not everyone came for that purpose.
Some people entered and when she gave them her light, they threw it back at her
Or behind their backs
You’d wonder why that’s so. But you can contemplate, guess and bring forth your arguments,
But the truth remains the same; they are what they are
She stood headstrong and determined in her mission to draw big circles, bigger than anything anyone had ever seen
Until one day, she slipped outside her circle
As people took and took from her, taking bits and bits of it with selfishness, greed, pride and rage
Letting people enter her circle made her circle and therefore her light grow
But as more people came, the more the radius shortened
She endured, and endured, and endured………..
……………..endured she did. For years. No doubt about that
Until one final day, the hand could not grasp the pencil and the sand could not be stroked
The circles returned to her imagination. A figment of it. I suppose that’s what her life became
With every prick of a thorn that came her way, every pain and sadness she faced, the circle retreated and retreated into herself
Till it only included her
There was a rule in making these circles. At this pivotal point, she could choose where the tiny circle would lie
Either in her mind or in her heart
If she chose her heart, there was a great chance that the candle there could be rekindled and the circle could grow back to its former glory
If she chose her mind, there was a 50-50 chance of the fire to rekindle or disappear forever
Sending her to darkness
To inferno. To oblivion
We know what we would hope she would choose
But the heart wrenching fact remains that she should not have had to fall down so deep in her eyes
To have had to make such an agonizing decision

My name is Andale Seaworne. I’m a regular 20 year old Muslim Pakistani girl navigating through life, sharing knowledge and opinion related to different topics in life from basic moral values with relevance to Islamic teachings to travelling, books, food, personal experiences, observations, interpretations and anything that comes to my mind.


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  1. a piece that I get excited reading lol. I recognized it

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