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Too indicative

Everyday seems like the last one
Every hour more boring, disappointing

Sometimes I burst out in laughter
When I’m dreaming of you, night or day
Still here loving me, like you did
Have you ever dared to- remember?

These foolish waves of water rush in
Only to reflect me too often, too real
Where true sadness is carved on my face
I’m feeling lost inside myself, still- missing

I’ve got more than a million questions
But I don’t need all them answered
I just need to know your listening
To these feelings; whispers of my heart

Are you even out there…somewhere?
Why should I even wonder or care anymore?

I start a million one-sided conversations
Replaying how you might answer, or
Have you forgotten me the way,
I can’t forget you or your touches?

All you seem to have left behind with me
Is to be- beset by what dwells within
An unbridled passion of love- rejected
To breathe, be freed and be possessed
Beyond these haunting memories…of- us

Poet of the Light © 2019

I’m just a timeless American poet who’s heart whispers out on parchment before it floats away in a quest to be- delivered. 


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I swear to thee, by season’s crazed weapon, That squeezes life out of choices’ favor. By the seductive magnet of the hay, That distorts holiness of the yet day. By figures scribbled by the light’ning, Concealed by the cloak of the lofty mists. By the lyrics of the dusk in octaves, Maintained in melody, rhythmic sway. By Cupid’s sheath, assembled wraths in gay. Eager to pounce on emotions they wait. By the Sherbet ball with a million legs, That travels far without leaving its bed. By the sacred letters the cherubs say, I’ll never ask a lady out again. 19:08:11:16:10

Note: Inspired by Hermia’s response to Lysander, her lover, in William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream. ” Act one, Scene one.

Instagram; @geminicancestor

Hi… This is my own work… My intellectual property… If you find anyone who’d written this before, then sue me. I don’t steal, please. But I’m easily inspired by someone else’s work. Especially Shakespeare’s. I wrote this. You could check A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, Act 1: scene 1… Copy wherever you see all what I’ve written and paste it here. And if you can’t find that. Apologize.

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