Hey, Little One

To the little girl I used to be,
The little one who’s no longer me.
The one whose skies were never grey,
Who thought people were always here to stay.
A hundred lies you were told,
“stay quiet, you’re too bold”.
Don’t let these lies dim your stars,
Continue being proud of your scars.
Oh sweet sweet child,
You were always so wild.
Your love was so filled with passion,
You dreamed of a Prince and a mansion.
They will always try to tame you,
Put you in a box and blame you.
But you must hold your ground,
For this world you can astound.
You had dreams plenty,
None of them poise or dainty.
You never understood why they tore these apart,
I wish I could tell you, don’t take this to heart.
For child, this world is toxic,
It’s full of traps and chaotic.
It’s but a game of power and control,
They’ll torture you until you’re neck bent on a pole.
Then they will blame you,
Tear you down, shame you.
So tell me why do you care,
For a world that just wants to leave you bare?
Soon you’ll be objectified,
Tied to a character and mummified.
And it won’t matter how much you try,
You’ll always be “too much” of everything until you die.
Soon you’ll understand the politics behind friends,
Realise that sometimes there are no amends.
That people aren’t here for you,
It’s always about what you can do.
People will come and go as they please,
You’ll become but an opportunity to seize.
It’ll break you and make you cry,
And all you can do is question why?
And today as I stand here,
I wish I could protect you from all this fear.
Try to keep you in a house of brass,
Turns out my castle was made of glass.
It pains me that I couldn’t keep you untouched,
Couldn’t stop the pain as your chest you clutched.
So here’s an apology to the little girl I used to be,
The little one who is no longer me.
I’m Samreen Abbas, a college student. I’ve been writing for the longest time but I started publishing my work on my blog a few months ago. I write about anything and everything really, it’s a beautiful escape.

6 thoughts on “Hey, Little One

  1. I enjoyed this piece, NICE!!

    1. Thank you so much! 💕

  2. its was such a fun read, I loved it

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Very nice. It’s true that this world is very tough for women.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you related to it.

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