The wanderer

A narrow path has formed itself
through the masses of memories and pain
where shadows and regrets have no place
and no fear or sadness can set foot on its holy ground.
Thistles and thorns give way to the bright light
that illuminates the passage which leads to future.
It is paved with hope and unconditional love
for no bitterness and mistakes shall poison the soul
that decides to walk this path to the very end.
It does not allow to stand still and look behind,
it will turn everyone to stone who does.
One does not know it’s length or destination and
often it seems darker than the desert outside.
Countless spirits sing tales what is there to find
but the undying desire paints a crystal-clear picture
so real I can almost touch her and feel her breath
but fantasy enough so it keeps me up at night
one eye in tears of joy that she exists
one eye in tears of fear that she will always stay
imprisoned in my dreams.
So I wander the path with my heart as a sword
and my faith as a shield while my love
lights the way when it’s hidden and dark,
for maybe one day
I will find you.


My name is Tony, I’m 25 and I’m from Germany. I recently picked up writing again,
after my fiancée left me after 4 years of relationship.
Writing poetry, short stories and articles helps me to process the loss, especially because
I made mistakes that eventually ruined a perfect relationship with a wonderful person.
I struggle to get over her so I use writing as outlet for my feelings and thoughts.
It’s also supposed to describe my process of transformation and personal development over time
and I include dream analysis and psychological ideas into my writing here and there.
I hope whoever reads my work can take something away from it 🙂 Thanks.


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