Unblank Papyrus

I am, ofttimes, distracted from
(as the time ‘tween that ‘n this attests)
my unblanking of papyrus
by one and/or another of
these human unwrit beings,
being fascinating to my bodymind
and my mindbody.

What can I, with symbols spaced,
do but allude and silhouettise?
I can show you the shadow
of the Earth upon the Moon
and hope, from that, that you’ll
see splendour – white, blue, green…

Even when literal,
what is’t but indirect?
Even a shadow on the moon
is better drawn…

is better sung
is better danced
is better played.

My name is William Altoft. I’m a writer in and from (and consistently on) Bristol, in the UK.




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One thought on “Unblank Papyrus

  1. It’s always refreshing to see people play with language. It’s insightful by showing the wide range of ideas at our disposal but also ushers in an appreciation for the range we mostly limit ourselves to.
    Great poem William!

    Liked by 1 person

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