Healing By Love

As a stressed , depressed person ,
to everything , you have an aversion.
Expose yourself to the feeling of love .
You will find yours totally different version .

Love can be of any kind .
In this universe , anywhere you can find .
in any person, in nature or in its lovely creatures.
or can be residing in your own mind.

Love , A most pleasant feeling .
Increases rate of soul’s healing.
Any damage in the soul can be cured .
So, regarded as the best medicine.

Love , fills all positivity in your brain.
Makes the world colourful again.
More sensitive you become .
but , makes you forget all your pain.

Should try this feeling once in your lifetime .
let it occupy your heart and mind .
By love , all dark gloomy days are turned bright .
then anywhere you see , all joy you find.

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