Essential Love

I love you,
I love you again,
hold on,
I love you forever

Someone said one day if you fall in love,
well …
it only means forever.
What sort of person could possibly
otherwise when hearts are touched,
and the ache is near,
is probable,
is only the first evidence
of someone’s state of mind.

my existence I suppose
might be
the reality of the world
I know,
the world that taught me the meaning of
the two can be similar,
or drawn far apart from one another
with misrepresented context
the willingness of our society
to measure our lives
around simple analogy,
rather than
emotional security.

I love you,
I will love you forever.


©️Scott F Savage 2019
Scott Savage has been writing poetry for as many years as he can recall. In more recent writings he has focused upon love and understanding, trying to write from a perspective of compassion and forgiveness. His hope is that his words speak to the beauty of the human condition.
IG: @elegantmusings


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