Wait, no waste

The search in these eyes is the same
The one in daydreams can freely claim
After being done with the dishonesty game
Happy to say, I am not ashamed

Heart is palpitating at its regular pace
I am calm and in no haste
The wait, now, no more is a waste
Tested experiments had bad taste

Don’t want to look for you in the moon or stars
I know you will come even if I don’t own a car
Yearning for luxuries only rage wars
This is also why relationships become sour

Have acquired the human recognising skills
After paying lavish restaurant bills
Every year have faced new mock drill
Now I don’t have much time to kill

No wonder I am so chill

LINK: https://undressedthoughts.com/2019/10/18/no-time-to-kill/

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