Out of Tune

I found her in my parents bedroom,
hung on the wall and full of dust.
Sometimes, we do feel bad for things
and so I went and took her down.
The old man hugged and played her gently.
“Out of tune, and too old strings.”
The neck was bent,
the bridge was broken,
the design was very out of date.
She was pretty, did her job
but her time
has come
I lift her up, a last goodbye
and put her on the red felt carpet.
What if they all have souls and feelings?
What kind of life would she have seen?
Who played her strings when she was young?
Of broken hearts and newborn chances,
in summer nights and cozy winters
in front of family or crowds?
I knew one thing:
she wouldn’t tell me,
silence was her final song.
I went ahead and bought another
to play the tales of future times,
for no old strings and broken headstocks
will serve a heart that’s out of tune.

My name is Tony, I’m 25 and I’m from Germany. I recently picked up writing again,
after my fiancée left me after 4 years of relationship.
Writing poetry, short stories and articles helps me to process the loss, especially because
I made mistakes that eventually ruined a perfect relationship with a wonderful person.
I struggle to get over her so I use writing as outlet for my feelings and thoughts.
It’s also supposed to describe my process of transformation and personal development over time
and I include dream analysis and psychological ideas into my writing here and there.
I hope whoever reads my work can take something away from it 🙂 Thanks.



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