In love, be kind

Fragile feelings, bounded inside the walls of our hearts,
Painted emotions and millions of butterflies fly every time you are in love,
They say love is a chemical, but I think that’s an elusive explanation.
Love is not a chemical, it is not an emotion,
Love is life, love is our essence.

Every soul is eternally hungry for love,
Remember that….

So, do not be selfish with one’s heart,
Do not take without giving, even if they ask for nothing,
Keep your promises, the big ones, the small ones,
Or you will shatter a trusting soul.

Emotionally safe? None of us are!
Don’t act like a spiritual soldier,
Instead of that, learn to listen…
Give yourself….be you!

Hello, my name is Andrada. I am an academic, a writer, a pilot in training. I like people and the world we are sharing. I believe in goodness and humanity, I think we can all do something to make a difference, no matter how small. I write about life, love, travels. You can find me at


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8 thoughts on “In love, be kind

  1. There are a good many things I need constant reminding of. That line that reads: “Keep your promises, the big ones, the small ones, / Or you will shatter a trusting soul” was definitely one of them. Good poem Andrada!

  2. I’ve made the mistake of giving to people who don’t return it. At that point I become starved.

  3. I’m reading this and smiling 🙂 Today someone mentioned that without love we are nothing. I find that stanza that reads Love is life… very deep

  4. As a pilot you would see a different perspective on the world and looking down at everything so small – surely we are here to love. Beautiful posts

  5. Beautiful poem!

  6. Loved this! Love is being who you are <3

  7. Hello Aandrada, You have mystical musings about love and as a reader I am compelled to be attracted to your thoughts Anand Bose from Kerala

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