What is Love?

What does love look like?
I wish I could be inside one’s heart when love appears in all its neonatal glory.
Maybe it looks like a speckle of light,
Or like a speckle of matter with very fast vibrating atoms.

How does it feel?
Somehow we all manage to articulate the magic of love,
The aching, the yearning, the magnetic, the endless…
Some call love a delicate emotion,
But if you think about all the energy that runs through your body when you’re in love,
You’ll risk electrocution.

What is it?
It is the undefinable and the beautiful,
It’s the beginning and the end,
It is the unbound energy that makes you smile and feel.

What is love….my love?
To me, love is you.

What is love? You all know what it is. It’s engrained in your heart. You can remember them all…..the big ones, the small ones, they’re all in there, in your heart. This is a reminder to smile and to not be afraid to feel, to appreciate but also to question. I’m Andrada, read more poems about love at:


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