About to go under
Listen I never been punctured by a knife
Only voices that spoke volumes inside
Never been physically stabbed but I got scars in my soul
That took a toll On me
It finally made me try and heal to feel whole
No matter what I tried I never healed correctly like my arm
Thoughts used to run wild so much I thought about being armed
A little voice told me to just be calm
See the thing about being verbally abused is it doesn’t really hurt until you hear the same stuff from your pops and mom
The same stuff that you can’t control is what enemies tend to use against you
My only advice is to always be confident in yourself
Without a insecurity they don’t have leverage
Now I’m not doing this cause I’m desperate
I’m doing this to get rid of my insecurity
And finally feel like the man again
I have been verbally beaten for 8 years
I have shed millions of tears
Just looking for a cure
I found one
If it wasn’t meant to be
He wouldn’t have let me get to this point
It’s almost time to go
So I’ll see y’all on the other side

My name is K. Exum. I’m a writer, blogger and poet from Maryland. Looking to make my childhood dreams my reality.


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