I often worry that I am not enough
But is it you, that makes me feel so down in the dumps?
a parched flower begging to be watered
leaves wilting off and hearing the smallest scrapes
as they hit the ground day by day…
Do you still get butterflies when you hear my name?
Do you still smile, when you remember how we met,
or pass the things that remind you of me?
Am I a burning flame dwindling in your very presence?
Flickering at the passes you never make at me.
A caged dove. Begging to be set free.
Begging to be.
Begging to fly and not look back.
Love without limits and matter of fact
I did, I loved you like that.
And what about me?
Your hearts in self destruct, attack.
Leave me be, don’t bring me back.
Bleeding out alive, there is nothing more calming than this.
I’ve tried, and I’ve fought my fight.
Little brawn and big might
Do you still love me?

Hi! Cadlynne Dovel here, hopeless romantics. Withering relationship, mother of one and animal lover beyond what words can express.


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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful poem

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