Late Night Soliloquy

Should I?
Pondering the unanswerable,
A quandary wrapped in an enigma.
Palpable, but not quite tangible.
Instant relief equals eternal stigma.
Could I?
The instrument is in my hand,
A tool that can cure or destroy.
The gesture is certainly grand,
Is this delusion or a ploy?
Would I?
Can my sanity be bought?
Is relief worth the price?
Reality is harsher then a thought,
Here I lie. A burden of my own device.

My name is Jesse, I am a writer. I post both poetry and mental health pieces about my own struggles and journey on my blog here:


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2 thoughts on “Late Night Soliloquy

  1. I loved the flow of this poem. The words are so well-expressed.
    “A tool that can cure or destroy.” I think it’s brilliant.

  2. Thank you so much.

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