A Monologue of a Misfit

See, my friend, that’s all I have to say.
And as I have been telling you all day,
My life is not the most glorified,
But one in which joy had long died.
A life that only misfits can get,
That comes served to human and to pet.

O my friend, your tears are dearer than mine,
Do not cry! As long as you are here, I’m fine.
But when you leave me, the fiend shall return
And, thus, again I will the same life earn.
Then your tears will never cease to flow,
Nor will mine, though they dried long ago.

I feel your warm pats on my shivering shoulder,
Is it because I’m getting older?
Or is it because you feel me dying
As lonely as a lost orphan crying?
No! What have you fool done?
You think with this my life will move on?
Wake up, my dear, and don’t break my heart!
No, Fate! Don’t take her on my part
Like you did to my only soulmate!

I shall not stand in my place unmoved,
And if Fate won’t take my soul now I should
Do it on his behalf. But first let me scatter
The last lines of my solid verse on paper.

I know I completely have no skills
And that I will die of the sorrow that kills.

Short Biography:

Omar Ibrahim is an Egyptian poet and translator. He studies English language and literature at the faculty of arts, Alexandria University. He is the translator of “It’s Time I confess” collection of poems by Egyptian poet Mahmoud Morsi, and some of Ibrahim’s poems were published on online magazines. He aspires to become a well-known poet and translator, and is working hard to achieve his future goals.

Blog: https://poetry19391704.wordpress.com/


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