Is the sound of my marriage ending
Is What used to be the worst sound when we’re fighting
But now, there are no more words…
Just sad looks, and eating dinner behind closed doors.
An empty home, when you are here
Soul shattering, when you are near
I think of you and tears start to shed
Because of all the time passed, we were once so happy… the years I thought would never end
Slowly tearing me down from the start, I didn’t think this would be us. No, not this far.
We did so much, and held on so much more.
Believe me when I tell you, the thought of leaving you for good has me crushed to my core
I think…. maybe it ended long ago
When you had sex with that whore
I think- maybe it ended when you no longer loved me and began keeping score
You said you loved me, I loved you more.
I am too tired to scream, no longer worrying where you are, with you you’ve been.
Angry that I had a child with the love of my life.
Who’s now going to suffer, and begin to wonder why…..
Why mommy isn’t home, and daddy isn’t either.
Why when I’m at home, the love they shared is gone and they can’t stand the sight of one another.
Why mommy is with a new daddy and daddy is with a new mommy
I’m so confused, why is everything changing?
Silence, is the sound of my parents marriage ending.
Silence, as they sign divorce papers and fight for my custody.
Silence, as they play pretend in front of me
Silence, their feelings now are merely puppetry
Silence, momma is no longer bubbly
Silence, daddy is tired and worn down
Silence, I watched my parents love fall to the ground.

Hi! Cadlynne Dovel here, hopeless romantics. Withering relationship, mother of one and animal lover beyond what words can express.



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4 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Loved this!

  2. There’s so much heart in this poem Its really good 👍🏽

  3. Rocked me down deep!

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