Not This Time

he left

and i don’t know
how to feel about it


and the cycle goes on
like a sad playlist
set on repeat
and then he’ll come
knocking again
on the door
changing those
melancholy songs

but today,
it won’t anymore

we may have
loved each other
but along the way
of this tiring road
we fell out of love
without meaning to
so i’ll have the last say
and it’s time to part ways

he was always
the first one to leave
and i will be the one
left alone to grieve

but not this time
not anymore
i took the first step
away from it all
without looking back
from the cause of it all

I’m Kylenne Soberano. 22 and an aspiring writer whose dream is to create more writing pieces and one day, be able to publish them as a book. #PoetsSupportingPoets





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