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How Do You Know It’s Love

You know it’s love
When it hurts,
When simple things drive you nuts
Because you care too much.

You know it’s love
When it pinches in places
You didn’t even know existed
Deep within your heart.

You know it’s love
That’s here to stay
When no matter how far they go,
You search for them in every face.

You know it’s love
And not a fleeting fantasy
When after anyone and everyone,
It’s only they that you need.

You know it’s love
When you rise above your ego,
Like you never dreamt of,
Just to make the other happy.

You know it’s love
When it’s time.
Sooner or later,
You know.


It took me years to come to terms with who I really always was. Who am I? I am a struggling author. Now I want the whole world to know it too. Looking forward to good vibes on this journey  of mine from my fellow bloggers!


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15 replies on “How Do You Know It’s Love”

Once in a while, comes such a comment that makes me feel that yes, I am doing something right. Thank you so much for making me feel so, Elana! 🤗
Other than that, you are most welcome.

Love doesn’t really hurt. It is “control” that hurts. And then ‘obsession’ hurts and bullying hurts. But love doesn’t hurt. So many people get obsession, and control and bullying with ‘love’. These are way different things. Peace. 🙂 artfromperry

You are absolutely right, Perry. Once you are in a relationship, it shouldn’t hurt all the time. If it does, then there is something really wrong with it, all of the things you said.
My poem was more about the realization of being in love with someone, that is before the relationship starts. Sort of a differentiation between a fading crush and lasting love. One where it hurts to not be able to be with that person as much as one would like to be. 🙂
Thank you so much for your honest comment. 🙂

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