The wise men followed a star
We’ll follow the drum
And the smoke of the bonfire
For unto us, born is a son

Here comes the night,
Colored hands and bright faces
To the rhythm we sway
Dazzled in the moonlight
Exquisite is the evening

Clouds are lifting
Old demons are fleeing
The earth is trembling
As the ancestors rise up in celebration
The old men are stifling an ear-to-ear grin
While women grind corn under stone pallets

So let’s dance and sing;
Sing to the tune of the night
Dance to the rhythm of the breeze
Let’s feast and merry
For unto us a king is born
We will dance to the love
And celebrate in its beauty

I’m Jamin Clement. A Kenyan Poet and Creative fictional writer. I love writing as much as I love reading. Follow me on my blog @ j4min.wordpress.com

Facebook @ Jamin Clement.


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