You are the Grandest Thing Alive

Foiled by a pen,
Wrote a word too embedded in love,
Sunk the tip of the quill deep in the ink,
And marked my heart,
Words that should raise,
Though thwart
My heinous mind.

Fairy of the night,
With wings that shed flakes of snow,
There is, for you, a palace you should know.
It was for when we created peace,
By a night dipped in passion,
Eyes upon Heaven,
And bodies burned in Hell.

We shed dew into a new morning,
And made honey in our embrace.
Love brought time, apart,
While we danced the bed to start
A reverberation,
A cherishing,
A longing.

Love grows like thorns upon the rose,
While lust sinks the petals to wilt.

Kiss me, once more, as I write this verse,
Kiss me with the memory of when we first conversed.

Short Bio: My name is Peter A.W. Wyatt, and I have had a passion for writing for almost 5 years, now. My love for writing began with a love for a certain type of atmosphere in music. It is an atmosphere that can belong to many genres, so to state which genre seems a bit vague, to me. It is an atmosphere that relates much to “melancholy”. I love the feel of it, and I suppose it is because in today’s world, we are surrounded by comfort and ease, due to new inventions and technology. As a result, people like me are drawn to “deeper emotions” that have to do with the “gloom” and “grimness” of Autumn or Winter, or some such. Due to this atmosphere, I find myself in a cold room, drinking a cup of hot tea, and writing some verse or some prose that expresses my emotions.

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5 thoughts on “You are the Grandest Thing Alive

  1. Thanks, Luna!

    I really appreciate the exposure and support of my work. 🙂

    – Peter

    1. You’re welcome. Make sure to send more work 😊

  2. So beautiful!!

  3. Is Peter Wyatt a native English speaker?

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