Orion Returns

To the east, lest the Sun arise from slumber
the ghost of the shimmering summer dawn
reveals himself in the heat of the season,
hunting for souls who dream, to mesmerize

The winter hunter strays from the frozen north
taunting, enticing, those who will be his prey
a spectre of the sky, before we awake
He casts his nets, his arrows, his poison darts

World sleep on, the Moon has not yet swooned
in Sun’s jealous skies, room for no other till she tires
and sinks to her bed, Orion will seek
those who seek him in the darkest hour

Chrissie Morris Brady




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3 thoughts on “Orion Returns

  1. This is beautiful…. Sums up the beauty of the night sky so well

  2. This spoke to me on so many levels. One I love your use of language and way you weave your metaphors, 😍. But on another level I was a night owl the last 6 years avoiding people, so I would walk my dog ousley through out the night, the orion constellation was like my rock keeping me calm and centred. Each walk he had moved across the sky. Your poem touches my soul in way beyond language.

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