As the morning kisses the earth
I kiss my problems,
My worries, my insecurities,
My obstacles and nightmares alike

As the sky illuminates the silhouettes of the night
And the world outside is awash with blue,
I’m languidly opening my eyes
Opening to the new beginning
Darkness has embarked into the recesses of hibernation,
And so have my troubles
From caterpillar to a butterfly I’m reborn
Born to the grandeur of the earth
Born to soar in splendor
Born with a deaf ear,
That which won’t listen to the pessimists
They’d have me believe that I’m useless
Something to be ashamed of
But nah, I’m deaf!

When you look at me
I hope you see a butterfly,
A butterfly that was once a caterpillar
I hope you see a chick,
A chick that has broken free from the shell
A flower that has survived the winter
A smiley lover who has had so many Judas kisses
I hope you see a Mugumo tree with no leaves, but still surviving

Tomorrow at the spawn of first light,
I’ll shout for all to hear
That yes, all was for the final good!

I’m Jamin from Kenya. I love writing and reading as well and I also love poetry bar. I write poems and fictional stories most of which I post on my blog. Kindly follow me on wordpress @ and also my facebook page @ Jamin Clement.


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