The Resonating Voice

play some more of that
let me also get sold
to the touching lyrics
music is targeting a weak mole

the chasm in relationship
must be the main cause
his beatific voice now affects
so many broken hearts

drowning is what I would prefer
the voice of the singer is heart
words from his mouth are pure
like flying dove in the clear blue sky

repeatedly I hear him sing
the pain in his voice is resonating
the chords on his guitar he hits
his obedience for music manifests

heart breaks pinch like thorns
so many artists are born
with time they grow and become roses
welcoming the present as slowly the doors of the past closes

@ Kritika



My name is Kritika
Instagram Handle @undressedthoughts
Do visit my blog for more poems and prose 🙂
Hope you liked it.


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2 thoughts on “The Resonating Voice

  1. Thank you so much, Luna. Have a great day 🙂

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