To an Unending Love

5:00 Am walks
Coffee-d faces
From the early night stress
She had me shook
And her eyes when uttered
Verses of poems
Screamingly beautiful
Nourishing lullabies
And painted sorrows
Might wonder
We talk
About the aisles of love
I bleed dark red
My body stinks
Of blood and cigarettes
She might well be
Smoking along but she’s a wine
Still sweet
Soothing and beautiful
Dropping my pain
She stares streetlights
And I play Prateek kuhad
She laughs terribly
And I fall for rarity
She’s an abandoned grocery store
And I see things but antiques
My flame roars
And she’s the cold wind
I overdose her
Too much of her
I set her hair on my face
And she finds my lips
To touch my skin
Sun starts dripping
Into tale orange sky
Her sweet fingertips
Run through my scalp
I think about living
Once again
I think about breathing
Rooted my desires
When bitter summer hits
I wish her hair
To overlap my eyes
With kisses under clouds
And half filled mugs
Of evening coffee
She’s both a voicemail
And a letter
A book and a movie
Astonishing and remarkable
Soon sun could drip into her
Brown sparkling eyes
And she’d turn to me
Softly I wrap her
Softly we fall
Like every summer
Like every winter
Under the open sky
Naked of our lives
On concrete benches
Under neem trees
And once I heard
Love isn’t real
I refuse to hear it
Ever again.

My name’s Muneeb Ur Rehman. I like writing poetry and prose too sometimes. My Instagram handle is @thatlost.kid
My wordpress blog is


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1 thought on “To an Unending Love

  1. like this and it has a nice flow as well.

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