Swan Lake

Red roses and denim jeans,
I see your eyes when I close mines,
Me, standing at the top of the stairs,
To say hello to you again…..

This morning I Googled the distance between us,
Thousands of miles….

Sometimes I look at the space and the time zones that separate us,
with playful, architectural choreography.
I imagine myself in pointe shoes,
In painful and visible effort trying to cross the space between us.
I’d do anything for our love….

I think this season’s “Swan Lake” is harder than before,
I dance, if you’d be close you’ll see the sweat and hear my breathing.
But I wont resign,
Our Odile is the distance and I wont let “her” tear us apart.

Day and night, wild dance,
Forever hopeful instead of lost,
I’m embracing the future.
Witten words are our powerful lifeline,
I patch the distance with photographs and snippets of our everyday lives,
Sometimes I just send you kisses poured out of ink from a bleeding pen.

The black swan will not win this time,
In spite of her efforts.
Although distance is dizzying
Thousands of miles don’t matter for the heart.
Tomorrow is another day,
And everyday that passes brings me closer to the moment
Of me, standing at the top of the stairs
And you….
In denim jeans and with red roses,
Saying hello to each other …..again.

And about me: My name is Andrada, I’m an academic, a mother, a writer, a pilot in training, a dreamer.
More of my work can be found my two personal websites:


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