Feeling the Pain

empathy is like a curse
hurting and loving
at the same time
the sounds of cruelty
sing an ugly song
the images scorch my eyes
my strength within
as my body succumbs to emotions
pain is magnified
as the suffering continues
unkind people
saying one thing
doing another
nothing but liars
abuse of all forms
killing innocence
harming possible futures
the evil sleep well
recounting their deeds
the sufferers of their wickedness do not
grieving with the harmed
wrap them in my being
losing respect and hope for this world
and aching for the vulnerable

Susi Bocks has self-published two books – Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. Currently, she is an Associate Editor at the virtual coffee shop – Fictional Café. You can find her work at IWriteHer.com or follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MyHumanityInWrittenForm/, where she invites you to read her thoughts and get to know her. Bocks had some of her work previously published at Scarlet Leaf Review, VitaBrevis, Spillwords, Literary Yard, as well as other literary magazines.


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11 thoughts on “Feeling the Pain

  1. This world is indeed weighed down by shadows. Dreams no longer linger above us, because we no longer stare at the sky for hope.

    We stare at our feet, noticing what is in need, what is desperate. And, we can’t help it, sometimes, if we stop at ourselves, never noticing the person who claws in greater desperation, at those very feet.

    1. I also wonder…

      When will the impoverished quit their eyes upon those with enough to spare?

      When will the poor stop taking their turn to look at those who may be kind?

      We are shadows, ourselves, passing those in need, because we have placed upon society a quote that says, “Love yourself.”

      It is exactly how this world is structured…

      We no longer stare at the sky…

      Therefore, we will stare forward.

      And, we never look down, far enough to see those who are in need, because we pass like shadows to those paupers, despite them being the most visible.

      What does it truly mean to “love yourself” other than to know that no one bothers enough to notice you? Although, when you are a shadow, how can anyone tell you apart from the next? The pauper collides with the wall, embraces it, and is slumped before it. And… he is the light that no one has noticed.

      1. I do not have a good enough word to describe how beautiful this is

      2. You’ve given us so much to digest, thanks!!

  2. Your emotion is expressed beautifully here. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! <3

  3. I really love this one. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Tim. I’m glad this meant something to you! <3

      1. You are welcome. Have a Happy New Year!

      2. To you, the same! 😊

  4. Waaw……..truel relatable

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