A New Year’s Poem

In our joyous new beginnings
it is like a rainbow
reaching on a wing
with red aglow.

Misting into orange sky
then sparkle to yellow.
Could green begin to fly?
While our blue starts to grow

and finally purple,
with this marvelous intent
to change and begin again.
In love our heaven’s sent.

Link to my blog post: https://kathrynlburton.com

A little about me:

My name is Kathryn Burton and I am a Boston based poet, with Children’s Poetry at heart. I write in rhyming couplets and love writing verse for kid’s. I am working on a book, which the Title has yet to be decided upon. I would love your comments and thoughts. Thank you for reading!


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1 thought on “A New Year’s Poem

  1. <3 Beautiful words for a New Year. <3

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