I know I talk a lot of shit about my job but yesterday, on a Sunday, I took my no life-single-workaholic ass back to the office to do some overtime because I am a broke person who loves to buy clothes. I worked for five hours and then it was movie and beer time.

Since I was working overtime, I decided to mourn the death of my youth in this all black outfit:

all black outfit

I have wanted to see Bombshell for a long time and yesterday me and my friend went to see it. I am all about #girlpower, I support the #metoo movement and I was really looking forward to seeing the movie and I did love it. The actresses were so good at portraying the characters, I especially loved Margot Robbie but in some parts of the movie I just felt… I don’t really know how to describe it.

The mix between the plot being based on a real story and the amazing acting just got under my skin. All of it seemed so real, I know that it was but…

I hate it when I don’t have words to describe how I feel since I am a writer. The movie really got to me and it also got me thinking about how many women went through similar experiences and never got a chance to speak up and how many women are going through it now. Will I go through that? The movie just left me with a bunch of questions floating around in my head. According to me, everyone needs to see it and everyone needs to be taught about sexual harassment from a young age because people do not understand how plain comments can affect women and make them feel like they are in danger.

Now, who has seen the movie, what is your take on it?

Also, is there a topic you would like to discuss this week in Coffee date with Luna?

Sending love and positive vibes,


6 thoughts on “Bombshell

  1. I like that you continually bring the topic up – its much needed. And maybe you could talk about anything you feel like at the moment, a theme related to it? Or a moment? If its comfortable of course. We are a supportive community around you 👍

  2. I have not seen Bombshell but I know ‘me too’ movement. In India movie has been made. It’s sad that this culture is prevalent everywhere. Women have themselves to change this culture. How? Be friendly with friends and in love also but keep right to say no if you are not interested. But do not misuse your right. Laws protect you but do not misuse it.

  3. Haven’t seen it yet but now you got me intrigued!

  4. Thank you for posting and for being open. I have not seen this movie. I have however seen firsthand what happens to a person when they are regarded as trash. Treated initially as something good, then baited into the power paradigm that ultimately tells them they are throwaway expendables.
    These acts begin the circular affirmation within ourselves of worthlessness. Regardless of the falseness of the thought, it is a valley we can be dragged into. A dark place.
    It is a raping of the soul.
    Climbing out of that hell creates a hard shell. Still, that tender person we were looks for some good. Scars are a daily reminder of this struggle, so, we guard ourselves.
    No one deserves this.
    Your life has meaning and value. The lies forced on you have no more power.

  5. A powerful blog post – thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely check out the movie.

  6. Revel in your youth, because one day, like me, when you are actually no longer young, you’ll keep trying to convince yourself that you are. 🙂

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