Silent Days, Violent Shades

Light engulfs the darkness when I open my eyes
In the morning, asking whether I saw you during the night
The dark, the rest, and those soft eyes and teasing smiles
A beacon in the blanket of my uncertainties
When I ease my head to silence the scuffle of yesterday

Yesterday slips away quickly despite my pleas
Memories you leave of every glimpse and every touch
Rushing to feel the crevices between our hands
Every time you have mine in yours
Yet they drop to my side, oblivious to your touch

Every tomorrow is a letter falling off your name
In futile efforts to embrace our fondest yesterdays
And even as I strain to preserve our memories on sand
Ink gushes away through my fingers and washes away with sea
Unrecognizable among the throwing waves

But even as I lay back down to reconcile with sleep
The melancholy twilight bemuses my acquaintance
With the candor of life and its trivial cuts
Through the most violent and hostile days gone by
Towards the still and beaming days to come

Krista Reyes – amateur writer/poet, film and book enthusiast, national democratic activist. Blog: and Letterboxd account (for films):


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