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I hope you know ―

The stars crash with the mantle of the skies
With every blink that you send rushing
Through the space between us and the moon
Shining a little more brightly every time
You speak with tongues in flames
With passion and pain combined between sheets
Your tears have woven something divine
Amidst your disbelief and confusion
When in the darkest places; yet,

What I see ―

Your desire burning through
The marble façade, so delicate and distant
From your doubts resonating through
Every click your heels make on the pavement
Of that lonely Thursday afternoon alone
Among people who appreciate your laughter
Against the deafness where your cries fall
Somber and longing but standing there
Every time you do not realize;

When I see ―

The power rushing through the glades
Dancing leaves menacing the garden of distrust
Planted in the backyard of your dreams
Hoping that your nightmares won’t find the place
Your waking hour lies when you sow seeds
With love and happiness through the wind
Carrying your strength and frailty
In a single whoosh, then you will see;
A single rose bloomed from the bare tiles
Wondering where such beauty formed
From the skies above and glades beneath
A single whisper above the tyranny of your fears;


I hope you know what I see when I see you.

Krista Reyes – amateur writer/poet, film and book enthusiast, national democratic activist. Read more at and also check my Letterboxd account (for films): Thank you!


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