Hope to be Happy Again

One day happiness will overwhelm
this purgatory gray dims vision
the journey toward joy, slow, trudging
like mud of trenches, slogging through Dis
with Dante and Virgil realizing illusions
framed by sin
that will never make one happy.
But the habit of being, stuck repeating patterns
that consume and drown a soul into misery, remembrance of joy, no more.
Suffering first, climbing the mountain toward joy.
Thoughts of positivism alone will not do– it must be embodied …
The embodiment of climbing the mountain with Dante and Virgil toward paradise at the top.
This pain of love, of atonement uncomforting, yet some small happinesses along the way
Friendship a gift that spurs us on. Isolation the hell we create– I create.
I hope to be happy again. I hope as I hope in the resurrection of the body and the remaking of all things made new.

Court is a writer who has written two books: Descent, Ascent, Transfiguration, a collection of poetry and Beyond the Veil a poetic fictional tale. You can read his other work at onthegalileanshores.wordpress.com.


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