She was beautiful

All their sight allowed them was to view her magically flowing hair,
Glass-like spotless skin,
and her perfectly shaped body,
While their insight failed to dig deeper,
So they worshipped her body,
And paid her soul no heed.
She decided to do them all a favor,
And on a beautifully sunny day,
With a beautifully edged blade,
She rewarded her beauty,
With beautifully carved slits on both wrists,
Leaving behind the body that was never really hers,
To the people who had loved her for it,
Hoping this would make them realize,
That her true worth lingered much beneath that,
In the shape of a soul,
They never even knew existed.

– Himna Ahmad Khan

Just another dreamer with a passion to write! You can follow me on: Instagram: @himnawritess

WordPress: HimnaWritess



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