How Dare You?

How dare you sit right next to me and text her ? How dare you disrespect me like that ? How dare you lie in my damn face when I asked you ” Is there someone else?” you said ” no bruh “! HOW DARE YOU ?! She must be really important to you because you can’t wait until I’m not around to text her . I just want to scream in your face HOW DARE YOU !!!

Hey my name is Areail and this is my first time with starting a blog , my blog is about me dealing with my anxiety and depression , I also talk about love and heartbreak. I’m also a first time mommy so I will talk about that also .
My Instagram name is @idreamtoo_
My Twitter is @idreamtoo_

My blog is


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1 thought on “How Dare You?

  1. You have a really cool name. I also just recently re launched some content on my blog about similar content. Life is a great teacher isn’t it?
    Excited to read your stuff.
    Good luck!

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