A Lesson From Rock Bottom

Buffeting winds! Blades of ice
Light of a candle calls you
Courage and strength both fail
Hope and joy released as birds
Shadows of warmth cruelly mock you –
Knees give way to an endless descent
With final breath, you cry out
From the bottomless pit of death.
But what is this?
Not oblivion, but … a step
Suspended on air!
A stairway stretches before you,
And the top – the same distant flame
Flickering against the velvet black.
How insurmountable! Yet occasionally
A hand pulls, pushes, lifts –
Until you find yourself back on the edge of the precipice.
With love, they gently raise you
Feet on solid ground
And you embrace the revelation:
The door never opened was truly ignored.
Flickering candle turns to blazing bonfire.
And you are guided by a thousand hands.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved. (This work has been shared with permission of the author.)

Bio: Ena Whiteraven (a.k.a. Henry) is an aspiring novelist and poet who uses elements of mystery and fantasy to inspire readers to seek truth and embrace their creativity in an increasingly dark world. Her writings have appeared at The Poetry Bar, The Positivity Press, and the famed Spiritually Awkward Magazine . She’s been a student of Alura Cein since 2015 and has actively pursued her life purpose in the literary community. She’s also a supporter of Indigenous people, sustainable living, environmental issues, animal rights, and ending the Indoor Generation.

Author Site: https://whiteravennet.wordpress.com/

Personal Blog: https://superlativedeviation.home.blog/


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  1. Just gorgeous!!

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