The Poetry Bar

I can’t

now there’s only silence
the joy of hearing from you, gone
anticipating response, no longer

I can’t put my heart out there anymore
to be trampled on
assuming motives are false.

Is everyone traumatized and broken;
can no longer respond with compassion?
but only reaction?

There was once such a joy to share with you,
and you share with me,
now my heart aches, my stomach burns;
tears fall each day, they are my food.

the romantic jumping miles ahead, even though only the beginning,
exposes his heart to be misunderstood;
pain nearly unbearable, crippling

who will understand once again?
who will share the pain
understand the redemption
and grace shining through it all?

how will I find my Beatrice?
to love and be loved– Eros and Agape?
How long, O Lord, how long?

Court is a writer who has written two books: Descent, Ascent, Transfiguration, a collection of poetry and Beyond the Veil a poetic fictional tale. You can read his other work at

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