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The Wake

Dream on friends,
Dream about the things you want to do,
Dream about the feels you want to feel.
I have no natural sixth sense,
But I too, dream constantly.

How many great ideas have I got,
That I just knew were going to make a difference….
How many dreams have I got,
About my life, about my love….about everything…

Sometimes I see the future,
As maze of tunnels highlighting the ways to different places,
Which way do I take?
What do I really want to do ….for now….forever?

I’m unsure, say the ghosts of my mind.
I’m unsure, I hear a lot of young voices,
I’m unsure, I hear older souls.
It’s ok to be unsure!
Don’t fret, don’t bite your nails as you write your bucket list.
But write it and instead of writing “I will…one day” for your to dos
Write “I will, today” at least for one.

Dreams are like clouds dancing in the horizon,
Don’t just watch, they’ll dissipate……
You got to fly to them, fly though them,
You may feel the turbulence, feel the rough air gliding,
But place the faith in you and push the limits further.

Remember the childhood?
When we were all once pure and lively spirits
Living in the moment?
We can still do what our hearts desire,
So no more waiting for something to happen,
Dreaming is beautiful and necessary,
But pointless if you don’t try to turn them into reality,
Wake up….

My name is Andrada Costoiu. I love writing, flying and …people. You can find more of my work at my at my two personal websites:
Keep dreaming , keep doing! Andrada______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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