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Hall of Mirrors

Walking with a grin,
plastered on my face.
Slowly stepping,
through time and space.
Reflections of a tattered soul,
reveal broken parts,
of a sum-less whole.
A familiar stare,
bears down on me.
A twisted version,
an absurd facsimile.
Halfway inside,
on a broken track.
A disorted dopelganger,
tries to drag me back.
A soliloquy of grief,
plays out before me.
Tangled emotions,
create a blurred story.
The experience brings a haze,
and fogs my perception.
A trip down a maze,
of intense introspection.

My name is Jesse, I am a writer. I post both poetry and mental health pieces about my own struggles and journey on my blog here:


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5 replies on “Hall of Mirrors”

Thank you. I plan on writing a second part of this that expresses just that. I just felt that an incomplete ending was more realistic. The path to light can sometimes take us through some pretty dark times.

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