At First Sight

Hi, my name is Maria Teresa Pratico aka Ladysag77. I write poetry to help me process my feelings and emotions. I am an intuitive empath and a woman living with Complex PTSD. I have survived many life circumstances that threatened to take me out and dim my light completely. Having always had a fierce curiosity for the human condition and humanity in general, I write to share hope and faith while inspiring others to live my motto of “Triumphing over Trauma”

My blog can be found at and I have 2 IG profiles that are @Ladysag77 and @emotionalmusings


If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account to the e-mail

6 thoughts on “At First Sight

  1. Such a painful poem, Maria. Far too many relationships are one sided like this…

  2. This was written in emotional upheaval and pain. Parts of it are extreme and irrational. My partner struggles with severe mental illness and this is how I process it!

  3. Thank you for posting this my friend and for rebloggibg it😊

  4. I can help you

  5. A painful poem written with the peak of emotions

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