Love that lasts

She leaned in for a kiss—
my angel,
a flower petal herself.

My closed eyes
with her breath.

With abated breath,
I waited,
as I felt her tender fingers,

touch my rouge hair,
wind around
my neck and heart.

Then, she snapped it.
Well! At least,
I never felt the pain.

I am Shaily Agrawal–an Instructional Designer, working mother and a small-town Indian woman with a perspective of my own. I write because life would be unbearable otherwise. Here is a piece I published on my existing blog:


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2 thoughts on “Love that lasts

  1. Hi I adored this poem and read it over and over! Would you like to enter my poetry competition that ends on Tuesday? Here is the link to it,

    Please let me know if you want to enter, I hope you do! Thanks 💕

  2. I think the pain comes much later…

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