My Uber driver was drunk

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you what an interesting and borderline life endangering weekend I had.

So on Friday night me and some of my work friends agreed to go and grab a few drinks. We have been trying to go out for a drink for a very long time and finally we managed to arrange everything. We got all pretty and went drinking. You know I have to post my outfit now.

So after three rounds my friend was like, let’s go somewhere else. I was absolutely against partying that night because I had to get up early in the morning and go from Zagreb to Zabok for my mom’s birthday and also I am on a two week vacation currently.

We ended up going hunting for a club to have a bit more fun at but it was quite hard since it was close to midnight and everything was full. We looked, and I want to emphasize that we just looked at a bar, and decided not to go in because it was a very small place. All of the sudden what I presume was the fucking owner of that fish bowl came and literally told us to get in, that there was a table. My friends were very excited and I felt like vomiting because I know how small bars like that work because I used to work at one. My bedroom was bigger than that place, their offer of drinks was terrible and the DJ sucked.  I am using the term DJ very generously here. He was a guy with a laptop and an updated version of Winamp.

I was made fun of a lot because I just stood there like a fucking plant, didn’t want to dance and in general hated that place. When I decided to go home, I had to get me an Uber. When I got into the Uber, I told the driver again where we are headed and he started driving and this caused issues for me because I couldn’t get out of the fucking Uber while he was driving and he was slightly drunk and annoying. He started to hit on me and literally told me that he will stop at a parking lot so that we can switch places and I would drive. First of all, I am a terrible driver and the fact that I drank that night wouldn’t improve my driving skills. Second of all, I AM NOT THE UBER DRIVER YOU ARE! I don’t know what was up with that guy, but it was just so uncomfortable to be near him.

It was just terrifying at one point because he started to drive very fast. I survived and now I have to live with the notion that this lunatic knows where he can find me in Zagreb . GOD!

I spent Saturday with my family and it was just great. I was a bit hungover and tired but I pulled through. My mom made a lot of yummy food and we just chilled and talked. And my mom know how to prepare a lunch!

That’s it for me now, I hope you have a lovely week.

Sending love and positive vibes


11 thoughts on “My Uber driver was drunk

  1. First of all, that is a really cute outfit!
    Secondly….oh my gosh! How scary!? I’m glad you made it away from that Uber, safe.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you. I have been to Zagreb a few times and have friends and family there and I know that mom’s prepare the best lunches. You are making me hungry for Croatian food. Love to you.

  3. Wow, that’s wild. I can’t believe the driver said that! The whole purpose of Uber is so the customer doesn’t have to drive. And an Uber driver absolutely should not be drinking. That’s pretty scary. I’m so glad it ended up being okay, and you made it back safely, though. And that food looks delicious! Your mom definitely knows how to make a meal! 😄

  4. First off, I adore that dress!! So stylish😍 I always report my unsafe driving experiences with ride share so please don’t ever hesitate to do that. I don’t have a car and take either Uber or Lyft daily. I’m so glad you are safe my friend. That food looks delish, cheets my friend😊

  5. What a crazy experience with that nuthead (I’m being generous) driver. Through Uber app, you can see his details & if needed in the future, you can even make a complaint. So wrote them down…It would also help you not to choose him if by chance, it’s him coming to pick you up….you can always deny…just a suggestion. I sound like some Uber support service guy but I’m not.
    On the other hand, your outfit looks very cute on you & the food looks delicious.

  6. They food looks absolutely delicious!
    Never been on an UBER ride, but I’ve heard horror stories!
    Glad things turned out ok!

  7. Darling dress! I would have liked to have dined at your Moms.

  8. Those nights out where things just don’t flow, at least you can look back and say “all’s well that ends well”?

  9. Can’t believe the driver asked you to drive. Hilariously absurd!

  10. I wrote a blog on eve teasing and safety tips for women. You can read it here

  11. Wow – that’s a great looking spread. If that’s lunch, I can only imagine dinner!!

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