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Indefinite pause

More tears, less cheers
No beer, more fear,
No silence, more sirens
Very clear, in every ear
No chills, no thrills
What a year!

No talking, no walking
No hugging, no kissing
Will we ever rock?
Will we ever joke?
Will we ever pop the champagne cork?
Could this be the end of humanity?

What have we done to ourselves?
What has the world come to?
Will we survive corona virus?
And perhaps learn a lesson?
Cases after cases
People suffering, others dying
Many are hiding in their homes
Like sewer rats and cockroaches
Men are eating their fellow men
In face masks and gloves, they raid supermarkets
Hording all they can
Leaving none for the rest
Goods hiking, suspicion rising
No flying, no vacationing
Everything is on hold
An indefinite pause
Isn’t it apocalyptic!?

The streets are getting emptier
And the isolation bigger
An atheist is on his knees,
Praying harder
As I eat the mandazis not bought
All might be gone
All but hope
That one day this nightmare will be a past tense
That no one will scamper to safety whenever someone sneezes
That the streets will be full, and hospitals empty
But first, let’s wash our hands

I’m Jamin from Kenya. I love writing and reading as well and I also love poetry bar. I write poems and fictional stories most of which I post on my blog. Kindly follow me on wordpress @ and Instagram @clemspeare  and also my facebook page @ Jamin Clement.


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