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Sorry Emma

I seek solace in black hats and battered books while riding unknown railways and fulfilling naivety to the best of my ability

to escape the fear I bear for my own country

the existential dread threaded into the american dream

Comparatively, I dare not complain,
white American female I am, consumerist, unwilling capitalist, drowning in
the doom of the climate disaster, popular ignorance at play with arrogance and homegrown terrorism pointing fingers at the foreign

They say, give us your tired, your poor, your weary
give us your men that know how to make money

And if they know how, can they make it for me,
under the guise of the American dream?

There’s a gleam of light in the distance
it lures you in to this capitalist system

We’ve propped up dictators, we’ve done your drugs
and now we alienate you
you worthless thugs

They say the American dream is a privilege
that belongs to only certain immigrants

Give us your tired, your poor, your weary
give us your labor so that we can make money

They divide us, they turn our heads, they tell us not to feel
but we all know the american dream isn’t real

Hello! My name is Ayla Burnett and I live in Portland, Oregon. I am a poet, as well as a music and environmental/human rights journalist. I write two blogs. One, entitled Hedera, is where I post articles relating to environmental issues and human rights. You can find it at
The other features my poetry and music writing. You can find it at
My instagram is @aylaginger


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